Episode 13: The Crucifix is in – more on the Quebec Charter of Secular Values

Rush transcript of the Dick Hatenberg Conservative Podcast
Episode 13 2013/09/25

Hello America,

I’ve been getting a lot of reaction from listeners about last week’s episode about the Charter of secular values that is being proposed by the government of Q-bec, Canada – one of the most backwards parts of the United States.

Allow me a few more points to clarify my position.  As I explained last week, if passed, the new Charter would prevent people employed by state funded organizations from wearing religious symbols at work – things like Mooslim headscarves, judaic kippers and towelhead head towels. This would effectively prevent religious Mooslimwomen, Jewmen and Turbanmen from holding government jobs, which in Q-bec includes working at daycares, hospitals, schools and universities.

Liberals, and other homosexual critics, are calling the new secularization law hypocritical because it makes an exceptions for the giant life size Crucifix sculpture which hangs on the wall of the Q-bec parliament, as well as allowing Christmas trees at government office parties and the erection of giant publicly funded Christmas trees.

These arguments are pure nonsense.  There’s no hypocrisy here – the charter prohibits religious symbols in government workplaces.  Crucifixes and Christmas trees aren’t religious symbols; they’re symbols of Christianity: the American business philosophy.  Take the crucifix hanging in the Q-bec parliament for example.   It’s  a sculpture of a half-naked, long haired, bearded Jewish man dying a slow painful death while stapled to a giant cross.  There’s no religion there – It’s simply a warning from big business to big government, that this is what happens to hippie socialists who get in the way of the free market moneychangers.

And what about Christmas? Christmas is the 6-12 month long period of the year where all the major institutions of society; television, shopping malls, and business, come together in businessharmony, and marshall their resources in order to keep poor and working class Americans’ heads below water.  Every 12 month long Christmas season, Americans are pushed into an orgy of consumption, personal debt, and familial resentments.  Children are pitted against parents and the next generation is inculcated with the proper businessvalues against their parents reprehensivle socialist family values.  What could be less religious than that?

Last week I gave some conservative objections to the Q-bec Secular Values charter, but there are certainly some benefits worth mentioning.  Without laws discriminating against their religion, Mooslims and other immigrant religious people will mostly assimilate into consumer society within a few short generations.  The granddaughters of today’s veiled burkawoman’s will be tomorrow’s proud owners of triple D breast implants and Chinese calligraphy tramp stamps.  Meanwhile their male grandchildren will be sporting big ironic beards instead of big serious beards.   That of course would be good for business.  But – if we overtly antagonize and exclude them from important employment opportunities, even moderate mainstream mooslimbs will become radicalized and resentful.  If we’re lucky maybe they’ll even start engaging in terrorist acts.  That way, rich and poor white people can forget all of their differences and join together in harmonious fear and hate.  With the media and the government focusing all of their time, resources and energy on preventing 1.52% of the population from working in daycares, the free market can finally go about it’s business of dismantling public health care and cheap university education once and for all without public interference and Q-bec would finally be open for business!

Great job Q-bec!



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