Episode 12: The Quebec Charter of Values

Rush transcript of the Dick Hatenberg Conservative Podcast
Episode 12  2013/09/21

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, especially rich white obese gentlemen,

Tonight I want to talk to you about some ominous recent developments in Q-bec, Canada – one of the most liberal, socialist and backwards parts of the entire United States.   Now I recently visited Montreal, which is the biggest city Q-bec, Canada, USA, as part of my Spread the Hate-nberg speaking tour – and let me tell you, that place is a true post-apocalyptic communist hellscape.  

I spoke about this deprived city in episode number 5 but you can see gangs of non-wealthy, under-obese, self-employed savages lounging around and busy cafés in the middle the day – with care-free irresponsible smiles on their faces instead of the businessman-fearing forced smiles of American customer service associates.  And I don’t mean real coffee shops like Starbucks, but bizarre coffee houses of ill-repute with I-talian and Frenchman names, that aren’t even franchises!

Worse yet, their population is so deficient in hydrogenated fats and corn syrups, and so underworked, over-exercised and well slept that they’ve gone completely mad.  Last year when the Q-bec businessgovernment tried to raise university tuition in order to give a desperately needed boost to the crumbling personal debt industry, the delirious population erupted in massive protests for months on end!  

As a result, the cost of world-class medical schools and law schools in Q-Bec is a shamefull $3000-4000 a year!  Can you imagine?  The children of white businessmen having to go medical school and law school with the children of their maids!

Naturally this collapsing civilization is attracting large numbers of barbarian invaders i.e. Mooslims immigrants, who at a frightening 1.52% of the population are threatening to render the native white american population a minority within a few short millenia.  Therefore, in order to stop the Mooslimization of Q-bec, the nationalist pro-white government of there has recently proposed a special Charter of Secular Values which would make it illegal for any employee of a state subsidized institution to wear religious symbols such as Mooslim-masks, Judaist-hats and towelhead head-towels while at work.  And because Q-bec is a backwards Soviet Commune and not an advanced businesscivilization like Tennesse or Somalia, this law would effectively prevent religious Mooslemwomen, Judaists and Turbanmen from working in all sorts of sectors, including daycares, grade schools and universities, on top of regular government jobs.

Thankfully, this legislation is very popular in large parts of Q-bec where few or no immigrants live.  However it is strongly opposed in the aforementioned sodomite city of Montreal, which is completely overwhelmed by Judaic and A-rab Semites.  At combined a 5.6% of that citys population, these immigrants can now determine the result of any election.

While many of my listeners might think that I, Dick Hatenberg would be a strong supporter of this charter, that could not be further from the truth.  Yes, the charter prevents religious Mooslimwomen, Jewmen, and Turbanmen from holding a wide variety of jobs – but what does it do about chinamen?  Absolutely nothing!   And as we saw in episode 7 of the podcast about the homosexualist menace, the Chinaman is perhaps the greatest threat to Western civilization today.   And speaking of homosexualism, what about the elephant in the room that no one seems to be talking about? 

Everyone is so busy worrying about mooslims that no one seems to have noticed that Q-bec has been completely overrun by Frenchman immigrants!  Even the radio stations street signs, and television are all in the Frenchman language!

Clearly this charter is too little too late – it’s like those “Made in America” labels.  I used to prefer Made in America clothing because of the prestige of owning items made by white servants – but when I visited an American Apparel factory in Los Angeles recently, I was shocked to find that all the employees were in fact Mexicans!!

Just like we need “Made by White Americans” labels for our clothes, what Q-bec needs is a Charter of Obese Rich White American BusinessMale Values.  

Now before all of you deluded liberals out there start arguing let me clarify.  The idea is not to exclude anyone for being a member of a different race or gender or weight the idea is to exclude people who act like members of a different race or class.

So you can be white, or black, or Mooslim, or chinaman, or a japanese chinaman, or a korean chinaman or a filipino chinamanmexican – as long as you dress, and act, speak and have the same values as rich white obese american male businessman, you can do everything a real rich white obese american male businessman can do – except marry my daughter!

Now the more clever of you will note these are the exactly same unwritten rules that current apply to all prominent American politicians, business leaders and media pundits.  

Just like rich white obese american businessmen, politicians can disagree about a whole range of issues like homosexualism, females, bowties vs neckties, but they all agree on the fundamentals – like the need to serve businesscorporations and the need to wear business suits.  If you want to reach the higher echelons of political office, you can support allowing people to choose to buy private health care as the republicans do, or you can support using big government coercion to force people to buy private healthcare as Obama does – but homosexual public healthcare is off the table.  You can speak in a Midwestern accent, or a southern accent, but no Ebonics or Spaniardbonics allowed. 

In American politics, rich white obese businessmen come in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders, without the need of any charter.   All you need is $50,000 per semester tuition for good universities to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to keep everyone who has any earning power in so much debt that they have to conform to business values to survive.  Now those are values we can all believe in.  Take heed Q-bec.



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