Episode 6: Freedom vs. Tyranny, a tribute to Margaret Thatcher


Rush transcript of the Dick Hatenberg Conservative Podcast
Episode 10  2013/05/07

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, (especially white obese gentlemen)!

And welcome back to the podcast

Now I get a lot of mail from listeners of the podcast, and today, I’d like to introduce a new segment, entitled “Dear Dickford” where I respond to some of your concerns.

Our very first question is from Linda, who is Caucasian, with green eyes, and strawberry blonde hair. Linda is 5’3″ tall and weighs in at a slender 114lbs. She writes in from Scrotesford Connecticut to ask:

“Dear Dickford, you always talk about how much you love freedom on the show – however, you also advocate that all Americans should be forced by law to buy guns, and that all children should be made to attend mandatory voluntary free-market work camps instead of public schools. Isn’t there a contradiction there? Are you for big government or are you for freedom?

Conservatively yours, Linda”

Linda, that is a very bad question, and the fact that I get so many like it every week is a testament to the abject political retardation that is rampant in this country thanks to 150 years of public education.

Therefore I will take it upon myself to make this episode a lesson in elementary political theory:

Hello boys and girls – especially obese white boys – today’s lesson is about freedom versus tyranny.

To illustrate these concepts, let’s look at the example of that great Lioness of Liberty, the dearly departed Margaret Thatcher.

In response to her death in April, leaders and journalists from across the globe have sung the praises of Thatcher’s principled commitment to freedom and liberty. Even the radical African Socialist extremist, friend of the show Barak Hussein Obama has called the Iron Lady “one of the great champions of freedom and liberty”

On the other hand, some clearly biased and possibly homosexual journalists, have been mocking Thatcher, calling her “The ironic Lady,” These “journalists” point to the fact that Thatcher was a great personal friend and political supporter of several so called “dictators”. For example, the pro-degenerate UK Guardian, criticizes Thatcher’s friendship and support for the Chile’s General Augusto Pinochet. Pichochet, who overthrew Chile’s elected government, killed 3,000 people, and tortured 30,000 more including women and children. In 1999 while Pinochet was under arrest for crimes against the Chilean people, Thatcher thanked him for quote “bringing democracy to Chile” unquote.

So is there a contradiction here? Can a dictator who engages in torture and murder, be a champion of freedom and democracy? Well, of course he can. First of all, we must keep in mind that Chileans are a non-english speaking Mexican people, and therefore most of them do not even know what the words freedom or democracy even mean.

But since many Americans, like Linda for instance, also don’t seem to know what these words mean, let me clarify:

In America, the greatest country in the history of the United States, freedom for me, means that I get to do whatever I want, without big government getting in my way.

Meanwhile, freedom for you, means you get to do whatever I want, without big government getting in my way.

And when I say “me” I mean of course business and businessmen – after all, businessmen are the people who provide all the jobs and products and services on which everyone else depends in order to survive.

That’s why freedom is business. Business is liberty. And Democracy is when people get to choose which leaders which run the country for business. Socialism on the other hand is slavery. Socialism is when lousy ingrates who wouldn’t even be alive without business, elect leaders who use government to supposedly serve the interests of these self same ingrates! But in reality, there are no other interests besides business, because without business you would all starve to death!

So, in Mexican Chile, Pinochet overthrew an elected socialist government, and tortured socialist women and children i.e. terrorists. That socialist government stole from businessmen in the form of taxation, and then gave away stolen free health care, and stolen free university education to the greedy starving ingrate population. Pinochet ended this slavery and introduced freedom, free market health care that you have to pay for, free market university that you don’t pay for, because you can’t afford it, and of course, free market no-workers-rights, – therefore the Pinochet dictatorship was a pro-freedom dictatorship.

So if government makes me pay taxes, in order to pay for school for your children, then that’s slavery and tyranny. But if government takes your taxes and uses it to pay for your kids to go to mandatory voluntary free market work camps, where they can learn to better serve me – that’s freedom.

And of course since we live in a free market personal responsibility society, you always have freedom of choice. You can either choose to send your kids to free market work camp, or you can choose to go to prison.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Once you understand the definitions of terms like “freedom” and “slavery” and “me” and “you” everything makes perfect sense. Keep this in mind the next time you read the news.

You’re welcome America!

Now if you want to write in with a question that only I, Dick Hatenberg can answer, all you need to do, is go on to http://www.internet.com, and open your browser at http://www.googlenet.com and type in bing.com where you can search for Dick Hatenberg, which will direct you to my web page which contains my United States postal service address.

Good night ladies and gentlemen, and remember: Dicksense is just common sense.



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