About DICK


Dickford Urethrald Hatenburg is a true patriot who fights for freedom vs the evil forces of the environment, the big little-children lobby, the old, the poor, the minorities and the women who have been oppressing wealthy orange and white American males for over two hundred centuries.

Dick believes that the United States is the greatest country in the history of America.

He believes that childhood is a sexually transmitted disease characterized by dependency, unemployment and small brain size.

He understands that environmental “protection” regulations not only impede industry, but are a Trojan Horse for big government and socialism – therefore Dick supports proposition 69 to abolish the environment.

Dick knows that visible minorities who do not choose to become white are deliberately choosing a life of discrimination and lower socioeconomic status, and that is why it is right to discriminate against them.

Dick believes that every orange American has the right to shoot all of his own friends at school and his family and kids and ex-wife and self in the privacy of his own home with AR-15’s and that any law restricting that right is tantamount to slavery, and must be opposed with AR-15’s.

Although Dick opposes Barack Hussein Obama’s pro-homosexualism, and Africanism, he appreciates the fact then when it comes to serving Business, bombing Afghan weddings, imprisoning journalists, spying on Americans, Obama is the greatest conservative president since the great depression.

Dick Hatenberg is a Myers-Briggs D.I.C.K. compatible with submissive white (non-hispanic) as well as Asian (pale skin only) females with low self esteem.

The Dick Hatenberg radio 666 AM Conservative Podcast is proudly sponsored by Business Juice® Carbonated Petroleum Beverages™

“Downsize your thirst, and fuel your greed with Business Juice:  Suck it America!”  

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